My schedule sometimes allows for select speaking and training engagements. This list of topics below is just a  sample. As a business analyst, I can tailor speeches and seminars specifically for your event from keynotes to workshops.

Business Development and Sales

  • Branding Is More Than a Name and a Logo
  • Leads to Sales  – A Visual Workflow Roadmap To Success
  • Prospect Objection Handling
  • Understanding The Gaps In Your Sales Cycle
  • Why Every Salesperson Needs Their Own Business Plan
  • When It’s the Numbers and When It is Not The Numbers
  • Business Planning and Business Succession Planning
  • Success in Network Marketing – Busting The Myth of Duplication


  • Big Data Targeting and ReTargeting
  • Building Lead Generation and Sales Conversion Funnels
  • Content Marketing
  • List Building – The Real Asset of a 21st Century Business
  • Using Online Video To Drive Traffic To Your Business
  • Domain Development For Web Traffic
  • Website Menu Design for Maximum Traffic and List Conversion

Customer Service

  • The 2 Golden Rules of Award  Winning Customer Service
  • How to Handle Client Upsets and Turn Them Into Opportunities
  • Effective Customer Service Policies That Tell Customers You Mean It
  • How To Say No and Whom To Say No To
  • Developing a Technical Support Playbook and Manual

Business Technology

  • Understanding How To Calculate Your ROI’s On Technology
  • Building A Quality Service Management Architecture
  • Developing an Award-Winning Revenue-Enhancing Helpdesk
  • Effective Database Design and Workflow For Non Techies
  • Business Disaster Recovery and Continuity
  • How to Hire and When to Fire Your IT guy

Negotiation and Conflict Management

  • Position vs Interests and how the distinction can put dollars in your pocket
  • When and How to Walk Away From The Table
  • What Risks Are Advisable To Take and Which Are Advisable To Avoid
  • Understanding the Real Meaning Win/Win
  • How to Gain Effective Cooperation From People We Don’t Agree With

Team Building and Leadership

  • The 7 questions that raise a team IQ
  • The Golden Rules For Team Building
  • The 1st Rule

Presentation Coaching

  • How to Grab Your Audience’s Attention From The Very First Second
  • Super Teaching Techniques To Ensure Your Audience Is Retaining Your Message
  • How to Manage Audience Questions To Your Total Advantage
  • How to Create a Complete Workshop in 30 minutes or Less
  • How to Prepare for Media Interviews

MSP and Tech Services Business Development

  • Building and Retaining A Successful Managed Services Client Base
  • How To Use Hosted VoIP to Attract New Business
  • How To Increase Service Revenue From Existing Clients
  • How To Create An Award Winning HelpDesk Culture
  • How To Get Clients To Be Eager To Spend Money With You

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