About This Site

I am an Impact Investor, Media Producer and Organizational Strategist with a rare blend of business, technology, and marketing experience. This is a business card site for my talent roster and my clients to learn more about me and my ongoing projects and development slate.

After a distinguished career in technology services management and business consulting, I co founded iDiscovery TV in 2011, an upstart social television player with an impressive array of content and a unique video discovery platform. I was also the host and the Executive Producer of both eMarketing TV and Breaking It Down, an innovative new interview show, as well as the creator of App Discovery.

My business development and technology strategies combine a wide range of experience in sales and marketing, combined with technology, project management, and service operations for both emerging and established organizations.

I am available for joint ventures, consulting assignments, business coaching, technology assessments, speaking engagements, and training seminars on a wide variety of topics but I am most especially interested in helping companies and entrepreneurs who want to transform television and video discovery into a social medium.

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