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Women and Girls Are A Man’s Business (Part 1)

by Daniel Matalon on May 3, 2013

So, guys, tell me: When you think of “women’s issues” do you think of gender equality, the balancing of work and motherhood, or pay Women In World Conference 2013equity as categories of civil rights? Or perhaps you are even an enlightened transformationalist who cheers “female energy,” “goddess power,” and right brain creativity seeping into the male-dominated bastions of power? But assuming you care about those things, is women’s empowerment important to you for fairness, morality, and your sense of social responsibility? Or maybe you just want to show off your sensitive side and get laid?

And for all you cowboy throw-back alpha males that take the other approach to getting lucky by playing the bad boy and wanting to put women in the kitchen having babies again, what do you think about when you think of women’s issues? Are you seeing the fabric of society coming apart? Is all this newly re energized focus on female equality just a bunch of pussy rioting out to destroy your sense of nature’s balance? Is the world being radically “feminized” like Justin Sterling and Iron John used to warn us about back in the 80’s and 90’s?

Women’s Rights Are Not Just About Moral Values

So as it turns out, the real imperative agenda for Women’s empowerment has very little to do with fairness or equality or even the balance of power. Those things are important to a lot of people, including me. And with all due respect to leaders like Jackson Katz (working valiantly to educate society about men and their role in female violence) the issue is actually bigger than our core values of safety, rights and fairness.

It is about the very survival of our planet.

It’s About Planetary Survival

Thats right, the fate of the earth hangs in the balance.

You see, it seems we have this little 21st century problem of exhausted resources. You may have heard. Now before my conservative naysayer friends jump on me (I do have them), let me say I don’t care if you think Climate Change is man-made or not (who gives a crap whether it is man or nature anyway, its happening) the planet has already reached a tipping point where there are not enough presently used resources for the already-present amount of people. On that we can agree.

Now, I have spent my time dwelling on the math of 10 Billion and figuring out how much time we might have left and wondering whether we will make it long enough to populate another planet (thanks Stephen Hawking)  and playing with the population spreadsheets.  I’m  funny that way. But I do that cause I am a natural problem-solver, a practical Capricorn optimist, not just an idealist and I know, as Paul Zane Pilzer once pointed out to us in his Theory of Economic Alchemy, that doomsday hawkers (like Malthus) have been around since the beginning of the modern world crying that the world would run out of coal when they could not see the technology of oil abundance coming out of the ground at their feet.. So, perhaps we are going to techno innovate our way out of the problem. (Genetically engineered CO2 vacuuming atoms anyone?)

Women’s Social Empowerment Is A Modern Technology

But we really don’t have to wait for that. You see, it turns out population dynamics studies show something very interesting about women’s empowerment. They reveal that wherever women are given access to rights and power, societies not only flourish, their population stabilizes as well. In fact, they pretty much reduce population growth to zero. I was first alerted to this when I interviewed Paul Ehrlich, the noted modern-day Malthus (a term he is fine with, by the way) and arguably one of the 20th century’s leading voices on sustainability, population dynamics and biodiversity. Paul was a leading pop culture voice since the 1960’s on the subject after the arrival of his ground-breaking book The Population Bomb. (Interesting aside: the book was co authored by his wife Anne but the publisher thought it would be less accepted if she was listed as his co author. True misogynistic story.)

Ehrlich told me that the number one agenda for slowing population growth is getting equal rights for women. He said that in all societies where women have access to education, economic power, political rights, and health care, population slows to zero or even declines and those societies begin to stabilize. In other words, men benefit as much as women do. UN population studies and official policy statements have echoed this stand, gathering steam since Secretary of State Clinton’s historic speech (as First Lady) in 1995 in Bejing, (the famous”women’s rights are human rights” line)

Women’s Rights Are A Leadership Opportunity

I’m an entrepreneur. I look for opportunities, for ways to solve today’s problems with new technology and/or solutions coming around the corner — especially when other people have not seen them yet. And I see an opportunity here for myself, not only because it suits my sense of fairness and justice (which it does) but because the planet needs more men to step up and lead on women’s empowerment issues.  It’s an employment opportunity. See, guys, whether you believe in equality of the sexes, and the importance of pay equity, and the need for 3rd world societies to open their power and education to women, you have a stake in these things. Your survival actually depends on it and, if you are an opportunity seeker like me, this is The Golden Ticket.

Men who are willing to step up now and make women’s rights their own cause will serve themselves and their societies and will, most of all, set an example for their sons. That is a leadership opportunity and perhaps a business opportunity with immense potential. So stay tuned to me (subscribe to this site at the top right) and follow me on social media to see my next post ( Part 2) to learn more about the projects, programs, causes and opportunities I am following, and where I am building new relationships.

And talk back to me. Let me know what you think about this topic. And if you are a woman, send this post to your brother, your father and your sons. You and I need them in this fight.


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Taylor Leigh Cannizzaro

“…wherever women are given access to rights and power, societies not only flourish, their population stabilizes as well.” gave me chills.

The Dalai Lama has said, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” I believe there is much power in feminine power that serves, comes together in creative collaboration and has the ability to create harmony in the world. We must do it together- the expression and allowance of the feminine force is absolutely necessary for the evolution of this world, of our consciousness.

Thank you for writing this, sharing your message and heralding a call to action! Bless you Daniel 🙂

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