Daniel is one of the rare people I know who combine a deep knowledge and understanding of technology, with the creativity and discipline of digital media, executive producer. Working with him at iDiscovery.TV, I found Daniel to be detail-oriented, practical, and focused on results while creating a platform for entertainment and learning.

Daniel’s interview skills on a wide variety of topics, as well as his experience in adapting to the ever changing, ever challenging world of video and new media, continue to impress me and those that work with Daniel. He is not just talent; he is an integral part of the business development of iDiscovery .TV, from creating investor presentations to creating shows and niche markets for video content integrating Internet, social ,and mobile platforms.

Rare is the time you meet someone who can talk to you about the mobile app developed for streaming live performances to devices, who then steps in front of the camera and delivers a clear, confident, and intelligent message.

I recommend Daniel because in these changing days of new media, where old practices are giving way to new methods of integration, Daniel is at the leading edge where technology meets entertainment, and he does it while building ROI.

DeclanDunnDeclan Dunn
Digital Growth Strategist, Marketing Design and Development, and Online Education

We hired Daniel for two major initiatives at our company. Firstly, Daniel provided us strategic consulting and staff training for our expanding IT Managed Services (MSP) division. As a second project Daniel helped to transform our communications systems; he moved us from disparate offices that were essentially islands to a truly unified communications system.

For our Managed Services, he helped us to frame our client offerings more effectively and provide a more focused business services offering. As a retailer with a strong service backfield, we were looking to up our game in this arena and Daniel came through for us. He took the time to understand the core assets of our business and customized his training to help us use them to position our brand. His presentation was engaging, strategic, thoughtful and clear. We were not only enlightened by his training, we were provided with a clear outline of implementation, and we were able to put it into practice in a relatively short period of time. This gave us a stronger foundation and shaved a great deal of time from our ability to launch this on our own. It has made a significant difference in our business development, and has accelerated our growth as a Managed Services Provider.

For our Unified Communications (UC) System, Daniel was equally effective if not more so. We already had high expectations based on the quality of his MSP training for our business staff, and yet he exceeded even those. Again, Daniel was sensitive to our brand and direction as a company and took the time to understand our needs as both a high volume retailer and a growing IT services company. Using his already seasoned knowledge in the UC and VOIP fields, Daniel presented an RFP to several qualified vendors, aided us in the selection process, and managed the entire project from start to finish. His assistance, council, and hard work were invaluable during this time. The system as envisioned and implemented by both Daniel and our selected vendor has not only transformed the way our staff communicate for the better, but has also become an important product in our expanding roster of IT services.

Thank you Daniel!

KyleBennettKyle Bennett
Business Manager at Apple Retail

We engaged with Daniel to provide training for our staff on IT sales and helping streamline our processes. What we go was far more in-depth than anything I expected. Sales training was just the tip of the iceberg – he allowed us to view lead generation, sales, operations and ultimately customer satisfaction as one integrated system. His depth of knowledge and hands-on experience running a national IT firm was obvious. His presentation style was impressive, and he was able to get our entire team involved and actively participating. Well done Daniel, and thanks again for you hard work.

AndrewLawrenceAndrew Lawrence
President at Transparent Solutions

Daniel Matalon approached our company over a year ago with a impressively large background of experience to offer us, both in business strategy and technology services. It was evident at our first meeting that Daniel possessed extraordinary sales and communication skills, but what impressed me most was how thorough Daniel was in learning about our company’s overall goals and challenges. Daniel is a good listener and a compassionate interviewer who shares my own sense of client services; that being a complete dedication to a client’s needs and not merely to the package or the sell. His approach to helping was really customized to our needs. As part of that discovery, Daniel quickly identified for us a very key piece of communications infrastructure that had challenged us (and cost us) in the past. He took that away and came back to us with a strategic plan and a clear presentation about how we could not only solve that challenge but actually position our brand in a whole new arena of service. This was more than I expected and our CEO remarked that ” no one had ever presented the solution to us in a way that we could all appreciate it”.

We hired Daniel to oversee the project. He was a very thorough project manager on such a vast amount of detail including an extensive RFP process from which we selected the ideal solution provider from a distinguished field of competitors. The project has been a great success helping to mobilize and coordinate our company’s resources and develop a new scale of company teamwork in a way that was beyond our expectation. Not only was he thorough in organizing all details of the project and in the strategic planning, but he showed an especially keen eye on the most important component of success in project management, the human element. Daniel ensured that all levels of the company were rallied to the cause of what we were doing. He left us with excellent documentation, in both written and video format, so we could continue on without him when his work was complete. He has certainly helped raise the overall value of our company in the process of his duties.

I have learned a great deal from working with Daniel. He is a “lead by example” type of person. His belief is to simplify technology and business strategy and center it on genuine human needs. And that is the strategy he brought to our project. This focus on human needs makes Daniel a great presenter and project lead. I would not hesitate to work with him again. He is highly intelligent, very hard working, and of the highest integrity.

DavidDoyleDavid Doyle
Senior Manager at Apple Retail

Daniel has an impressive range of IT service and business development experience that brings a fresh perspective to the IP and Voice Communications market. He is a highly skilled communicator who understands the bigger picture of where the IP Communications market is headed and how technology services can be packaged and presented in a simple business-oriented fashion. Daniel’s unique ability to combine both business and technical perspectives makes him an ideal candidate for business development, consulting or service management roles.

BarryJungBarry Jung
Voxter – Channel Management/Business Development

Daniel is a rare combination of sales and operations expertise and is an ideal business development talent. I came into contact with Daniel briefly in 2009 as he was researching the Canadian market upon his return from the US and quickly discovered that his grasp of the general IP telecom and technology services markets was exceptional. He truly has a unique way of communicating technology in a very accessible way and is equally comfortable with both technicians and clients. I later also observed Daniel’s work as a project manager for one of his clients helping to migrate several locations into one central hosted voice system when he sought our input. This project required vision and design, detailed task management and extraordinary people skills. Working with one of our recommended vendors, that project became a significant success for everyone involved and it was Daniel’s consulting, leadership and skilled project management that made it the success it was. I have since observed Daniel assisting one of our own clients with shaping their business model and service offerings, improving their support and enhancing their presentation and overall value. I would not hesitate to work with Daniel again.

Martin EversMartin Evers
Account Executive, Professional Services at Softlanding

Daniel has one of the sharpest strategic business minds I have come across in my career of management consulting. I was especially impressed with how well he researched and studied our business and our market, and how he was able to quickly size up our strengths and challenges and then present us with clear strategies for the quickest results. He cut down on our learning curve and saved us a great deal of time and money.

His depth of technology expertise was also immensely valuable in that he helped educate us and advise on a broad range of technology services including how to select, budget and pay for them. He is a superb speaker and trainer and was able to help us understand many concepts that had been hard for people to appreciate before. He showed a great sense of compassion. He knew how to ask the right questions, how to challenge us when required, and how to communicate in a way that everyone could relate to the overall picture of where the company was going. His leadership was inspiring and purposeful. Any organization would benefit from his talents.

JulianLewinJulian Lewin

Daniel has been working with me to help me grow my business, he has been great at opening my eyes to possibilities I didn’t know existed. He has used practical examples to introduce me to new technology and has also helped me learn to dream big and value my services. All things I desperately needed. Thanks Daniel I am excited about my business again. I would definitely recommend Daniel to anyone looking to move forward with their business.

TedTupperTed Tupper
Owner, The computer guy

Daniel combines an effective mix of business-savvy, thoughtful communication strategy & expert IT understanding to deliver effective long-view business advice. I have learned a lot from Daniel from working with him & respect his ethic & way of doing things. Daniel is comfortable speaking to anyone in the organization, from decision maker, to technician to front-line staff, and realizes the importance of learning from each team member to learn about the organization & create buy-in for organizational change.

I recommend Daniel without reservation. His communication & presentation style are effective & inclusive, his consulting-style thoughtful & sincere and his advice always with an eye to helping clients improve their business and increase their own capacity to serve customers; all with an important understanding of ROI & improving a client’s overall business.

NathanKemppainenNathan Kemppainen
Project Manager

Daniel was an excellent sales director, mentor, and innovator, he was dedicated to making things successful at 1 800 Geeks On Time. As I grew with Geeks on time I had the opportunity to work more with Daniel. His leadership was always inspirational and encouraged us to do more than we thought we could. In the few times that he was able to pull away from work he showed many more dimensions than we thought possible. He is a pleasure to work with and for. I still regard his ability highly and do not hesitate to ask for his guidance.

JeremySmithJeremy Smith
Produce a webseries/television program with a historical/anthropology/archaeology focus.

The qualities which set Daniel apart from others in his field are that he is extremely intuitive and nurturing. At face value these may seem like odd qualities to value in someone whose main task is to help you move your business operations and IT forward in an efficient way. Further exploration proves just how valuable they truly are.
In 2008, I was tasked with “upgrading” my company’s IT network. Actually, the task involved rebuilding our network from the “ground up”. Not having any experience with networks outside of being your typical “end user”, I needed to identify a provider who could deliver a secure, efficient network for the 14 staff in our corporate offices and the more than 12 field staff around the country. I spent two frustrating weeks calling dozens of IT companies and waiting for return calls that never came. When a company did call the initial estimate was far too prohibitive for my non-profit’s budget. Enter Daniel Matalon and GeeksOnTime.

From the very beginning, Daniel invested himself in the task of helping me to create a network that would operate efficiently and cost effectively. He studied our company’s work processes and existing systems before making recommendations. He met with staff to learn their strengths and weaknesses. Daniel painstakingly studied every facet of my company’s business before making recommendations about next steps. He even took into account the needs of the human beings occupying the respective positions and how to maximize their productivity AND enhance their workplace experience.

When those steps were decided on, he continued to provide expert advice and service. The processes we developed and implemented two years ago are still in place and helping our company to run efficiently, more important now that we have suffered losses of two-thirds of our personnel in the past 10 months and have to accomplish the same amount of work with fewer staff.

I recommend Daniel without hesitation or reservation.

PatrickNorbertoPatrick Norberto
Development Associate at Professionals for NonProfits

I have worked with Daniel for about 5 years. Whether it was a project or emergency situation Daniel and his group were able to assist in a timely fashion. Both on-site and remote assistance were excellent. In our relationship thus far a timely resolution was achieved each and every time. I would consider Daniel an excellent strategist with competent knowledge and skills in the area of IT. I highly recommend Daniel and his staff for any IT project.

MarkMaloneyMark Maloney
Director of Operations, Northwestern Medical Imaging

Daniel helped my new franchise in technology design from VOIP integration to recommendations to best utilize our Terminal Server network. He goes above and beyond the job in order to ensure that you understand options, costs, future technologies and implementation strategies.

If you are taking your company to the next level in regards to technology implementation I would recommend Daniel and Geeks on Time.

JosephEspositoJoseph Esposito, DC, CCN, CNS
CEO, AlignLife ♦ Chiropractic Business Development Expert

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