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I am a profit strategist and I help companies to reach their true profit potential. I am also the ultimate generalist, a CEO project-managing business analyst with a deep knowledge and experience in several areas. My bio, and references on LinkedIn attest to a range of experience that includes award winning sales, service operations management, mobile app development and digital marketing ( dating back to 1997 !) , and over 10,000 hours of technician recruiting, not to mention my current experience producing television and online media. There are few people on the planet with that combination of experience.

This unique combination of talents allows me to take an unbiased view of a business where I am not married to any one specialty. As a project manager and an experienced C-level executive, I can look at the big picture, ask the clarifying questions and find the highest single leverage point a business can use to get to the next level. And, because I have supervised literally dozens of projects, I can help a business to design an implementation so that everyone is aligned, ready and onboard, something that few CEO’s and CFO’s have on their inside bench.

Super Targeting – The Fastest Way To Reach Profit Potential

Most of my best growth strategy clients are served through Super Targeter which delivers top dollar, high converting, sales-ready leads and which lowers sales, operations and support costs at the same time. Super Targeter’s technology accomplishes this by bringing in landed customers who are already educated on your value proposition and your unique positioning.

Based on a new technology in Big Data Targeting, SuperTargeter blends branding, lead generation and sales to help organizations reach their profit capacity.

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  • Super Targeter is a business development consulting service based on Big Data targeting that helps companies reach their true profit potential
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  • I have extensive background consulting with IT. SaaS, ISO and MSP service organizations and can uniquely position high growth strategies for organizations in this space.
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