I am a senior advisor to Drashta Ventures , an impact investment fund sponsored by Drashta Capital. It is focused on people, projects and businesses that create tangible progress towards at least one of the Global Sustainable Development Goals. Investors in the fund receive competitive fixed rate returns while supporting worthy projects of a humanitarian value.


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I am also a senior advisor to Drashta Capital a risk management platform for managed forex investing providing investors access to the talent of world class traders and money managers. Drashta’s platform sources, develops, and proves the worthiness of both algorithmic and human traded speculative strategies offering investors a balanced approached to a high growth investment marketplace. Participation is strictly limited to accredited and professional investors.



DiveSeattle is a super group of aquatic coaching talent led by a 4 Time All American and 2 Olympians from Venezuela, all champions in aquatic diving. The group is launching a new activity called SwimGym! which combines swimming, gymnastics, and diving into a new sport, as a broader mass appeal program that allows all levels of athletes to enjoy the acrobatics of gymnastics in the water that diving is really based on. I am helping the team brand that effort. Part of that includes the building of a portfolio of outdoor SwimGym waterparks built on the Tarzan Boat concept.



Super Targeter is a digital ad agency I co founded which provides a unique platform for attracting highly targeted and high converting clients for businesses in every category. It provides a better than 8-1 return on investment through site retargeting, content targeting and customized search targeting. Super Targeter helps businesses increase profits and drive customer attraction costs way down and is the basis of most of my consulting.


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Ask Writers is a platform whose sole purpose is to help authors get discovered.

It uniquely crowd gathers readers, and their favorite interests, to discover and share favored authors’ by quotes and excerpts in a  way that is relevant to their friends and relations helping everyone to discover more authors, and their great writing, in less time. This also rapidly builds up a fan base for an author in a way that no other social platform has ever done before. It is both Twitterish (in that it lets you scan and screen a lot of content on a single page) and Facebook-like as well, in that it lets readers share news, photos, and videos about fiction and non fiction in a socially engaging way.

Ask Writers is presently in Beta and is only by invitation. But if you love writing and want to see authors get the attention they deserve, head over to the site at www.AskWriters.net and register a request for a pre launch invite.




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