Micro Management

by Daniel Matalon on September 17, 2014

Everyone says they are not a micro manager. Everyone. Even the most fine detailed microest managers in the world will say that they, of all people, are not micro managing, and those are the worst ones.


Here is my definition of a micro manager. A micro manager is someone who hires an individual, that they say they believe is up to the job, and then will go around and tell that person exactly how to do that job.

When to Micro Manage Me

So, listen all you control freaks out there that are determined to be genuinely powerful and produce real results. The only time I need you to tell me how to do my job is if I am struggling at it, and if so, then go ahead, or if I myself am knowing that I need help and I ask you for it. So if I am struggling by either your view or mine, micro manage away.

Otherwise, if you hire me, hire me because you know I can do it and then let me do my job. I don’t need you to tell me HOW to do my job. You and I only need to agree on WHAT I am to get done. Give me the what, I will supply you the how and I will do it with passion and gusto.

This is the way of the 21st century world, folks. Decentralized, semi-autonomous creativity to a common well articulated, and agreed-upon goal.


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